Xbox One & PS4 – One Year On….

Just after launch i gave my feedback on both consoles, which you can find the article for that HERE.

I thought that a year later, it would be good to have my thoughts on how things have changed for both consoles, and what progress has been made, and whether or not my views have changed on which one you should get.

Im going to start with how they have both improved over the year, and there is no doubt that if you look at the Xbox One and its UI a year ago and compare it to what it is now, there is no doubt that you will see the differences. New Friends area, updated store as well as many other things.

The PS4s hasn’t changed that much, there have been a few cosmetic differences added in, which are all little things, but they are things that are designed to make a difference to the system as a whole to make it more stable and make it easier with certain things.


One thing that has really impressed me with the Xbox One is the monthly updates they have been bringing out. Adding features that the community want, and this is one thing i am really going to praise the Xbox for. Listening to the community and the gamer’s that play the console, giving them within reason what they want. This can be seen by all the different features that have been added, such as backgrounds, and things that are to come such as the Screenshot feature that has been announced for 2015.

On the other hand, while Sony hasnt been giving monthly updates and adding things left right and centre, they have more been concentrating on stability (Which ill go onto more in a bit) and having the features they have working. The addition of Share Play and Share Factory have been a welcome addition. Simple programs that do a fair bit, and I have tested out Share Play with Friends and it is a joy to behold. Being able to let a friend complete a level for me i might be stuck on, or letting them try a game i have that they don’t and vice versa is brilliant. It gives a new dimension to it, if theres a game im not sure i want to try and there is no demo for it, if a friend has it, i can just Share Play it and give it a try, all from my friends PS4.


There are features of the Xbox One that i have to give praise for, i find the clip recording on Xbox One to be a lot better and easier to deal with than the PS4. Also the snap features on Xbox One are a lot better

One of the big things for me has been the stability of the consoles. As of late the Xbox One hasn’t been the most reliable. Party chats crashing or not being accessible is one of the problems that have plagued the Xbox One, as well as Achievements not popping or Friends not showing online. In this day and age, simple things like that should be working, and not down for days at a time.

I have to admit, i have had better luck with stability when it has come to the PS4, although i am going to put this down to the Monthly updates that Xbox has been putting out. For those in the preview program i can understand if there’s problems as you have a beta running on your Xbox, but if its an Xbox that’s not in the program and has the out of beta software you would expect it to work and not cause problems, however there are issues with this, where problems are still leaking out of beta, which really shouldn’t be happening.


The stability on the PS4 is a lot better, and it does run faster than the Xbox when it comes to loading games and apps from start. (This doesn’t take in to account instant on and instant loading of games which are already running)

One gripe i have with the Xbox One, which a lot of people have, is the loading and installing times of some of the games. This is an area that the PS4 wins hands down. Loading and installing time whether from Disk or from Digital, is a lot faster than what it is on Xbox One.

Which does beg the question, why is my wired Xbox One slower than my WiFi PS4? Especially when it comes to Digital games? I’ve figured that the digital games with equivalent sizes take at least 30% longer on an Xbox One than they do on PS4, and this is something that Microsoft has to look into as sometimes it can kill the console. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare being on example, Xbox One it took 7 hours to get to 62% whereas my PS4 had it downloaded in around 1.5 hours. I don’t have pikey broadband either, a 71mb download with 20 upload should cope with these digital games no problem, but for some reason the Xbox One does struggle in this department.

Im not going to go into controllers, graphics or anything, that is covered in my previous article regarding the 2 consoles.

So? Whats my personal opinion on the matter? Which one do i prefer or would recommend?

This isn’t a cop out answer when I say this, but I would recommend both of them. There’s so many games for both consoles, and so much choice out there when it comes to exclusives, if you can afford both, get both. Not only is there plenty of choice out there in terms of games you can get on both, you can also look forward to what looks to be an awesome 2015 in terms of games.

Here is a brief but not complete list of games coming out for both consoles

Quantum Break
The Division
Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider
The Order 1886
Batman Arkham Knight
The Witcher 3
Metal Gear Solid V
Dead Island 2
Project Cars
Battlefield Hardline
Homefront 2
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Human Element

15 games listed there that are either Multi or Exclusive to look forward to in 2015, and there is going to be so much that I haven’t listed or hasn’t been announced yet.


Fan boys need to learn that games are games, and are there to be played and enjoyed regardless of the company or console its made by/for.

This is the reason i own both consoles, to open my mind and enjoy everything that i want to enjoy regardless of the console.

Both companies over the last 24 months have messed up in some way or another, but who cares, i just want to enjoy the games that are made and not get into the politics of it all, and i know there are a lot of people who will agree with me.

If you enjoy gaming, pick the console you are comfortable with or the one that appeals to you the most. Each have features the other hasn’t, research and if there is something that appeals to you more on one console, go for that one. The heart knows what it wants and will tell you as soon as you know.



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