Windows 10 – Xbox App Guide.

Here is a look at and a guide to the Xbox App on Windows 10.

**Be advised that this has come from the preview build 10074, and isn’t fully complete. Streaming options to Windows 10 OS from Xbox One havent been added yet.**

xboxappscreen1Here is the first page that you see when you launch the app. This gives you an overview of the progress you have made to getting all achievements in a game, it also shows you your Activity Feed so you can check on the latest clips, Achievements etc that have happened with your Friends. It also shows you who is currently online on your Friends list as well as potential friends or people who are currently following you.

You also have the main menu down the left hand side which gives you the various options to select from.






xboxappscreen2The next screen shot shows your profile page. This page gives you a run down of what your latest activity is by showing your activity feed, as well as  the last game you played and your percentage of collected Achievements on that game.

Again you have got the standard Menu and Friends online lists showing on the left and right hand side of the screens.







This next screenshot shows your Activity Feed. This is where you can check out who has shared, liked or commented on any of your activities such as Achievements or Game Clips/Screenshots.








This next screenshot is of the Achievement page which is nicely designed. It shows you the different games which you have played and clicking on any of these will take you to a main game page where you can see you progress as well as follow the game. Its just like the Game hubs on the Xbox One.








As stated above, this is the page that your brought to when you click on a game tile in the Achievements section. As you can see from the screenshot provided, this outlines my progress on State of Decay YOSE. Showing the total time I’ve played the game, my gamer score for it, how many zombies I’ve killed, as well as a section that shows my unlocked achievements and clicking on each of these will bring up a detailed description of the achievement and what I had to do to unlock it.

Each different game will have different sections to show different statistics etc.






The final screenshot for this guide is of the Game DVR screen. Here you can see all clips that you have recorded as well as the date that they were created on. As you can see from the screenshot there is a section entitled ‘On This PC’ – I’m presuming that will be for when you can record game clips from your Windows 10 PC/Laptop from your Windows 10 game. There is also a community section as well where you can see what is going on in the Xbox gaming community and see other gamers clips.







As I stated above, this is a beta app that is currently released so things could change, features could be added. If and when they do I will update this accordingly.



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