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Ubisoft has released a trailer not exactly showing the last 30 years, but more like the last year or so, as well as clips from there upcoming games.

In the press release I received it says that we will get a look at Watch Dogs 2, For Honor as well as Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Actress and comedian Aisha Tyler hosts her fifth Ubisoft E3 Conference, which will include all new trailers and game play demos for upcoming Ubisoft games.

The show kicks off at 1pm PDT on June 13th and for those of you who aren’t up to scratch on your American times, that’s around 8pm BST. You will be able to follow the conference on, Ubisoft’s YouTube Channel or there twitch page.

This will place Ubi’s conference right after Microsoft’s, so I’ll have a bit of time to get some food before coming back to watch this conference! I’m getting really excited for this, and E3 is no doubt going to enhance my excitement for EGX in September!

You can view the trailer below!