Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings.

The last time I played a Baseball game was on the Wii when I played Wii Sports a few years ago. It’s not a sport that seems to come up very often so it interesting to try anything new that comes up.

As you can imagine though Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is a lot different to a game on the Wii. Firstly, there no motion controls…. Which is probably for the best as the amount of times I would get beaten up from someone swinging the controller was quite regular!

The controls for SMB: IE are quite easy to get to grips with, the pitch is basically the 4 buttons on the controller (A,B,X,Y) so when throwing the ball you press the button that corresponds to the pitch and that the base it will throw it at. Simples.

Pitching is rather easy as well, you use the right stick ot select the type of ball that you want to pitch and where you want it to go, then press A and boom… The ball is thrown.
Then there’s the batting, again its simple to pick up all you have to do is move the marker to where you want to line the bat up to, wait for the pitch and time it right, press A again and boom, ball has been hit.


There is a number system for each of these to show how well your pitch or shot was, and im presuming (only because mine didn’t go over 40 😀 ) that its between 0 and 100. The higher the number on your shot or pitch the better it is.

There is also a system called Ego, which from a glance looks like a Difficulty setting, which again is between 0-100. 0 Being easy and 100 being ridiculously hard. However, I feel that as your pitching and shots get better and you can hit the higher numbers this might make your job a bit easier. Not much though…

The game is really fun and enjoyable to play and the graphics are cartoon like with the over exaggerated features for the players, but it all fits in nicely and plays well together.
There are only two modes available which is exhibition and season. Both a quite self-explanatory, but I feel that this hinders the games replayability. There’s not much choice to try and bring people back. There are leader boards available but this this can’t compensate for maybe having a multiplayer option available (online) for people to play with friends. You are able to play locally with 4 friends, but I think it would have been better to have the option of challenging your friends online.

Maybe even adding into the game a challenges section where you have to try and beat a score in a certain number of rounds etc would have added a small amount of replayability and had people coming back for more.


I like the fact that the teams available are customisable, so you can change them to look how you want. There is even an option that if you wanted to keep the default team, you can add configs to the team and change that config to suit the needs of your players, while all keeping the original default team. Which means you can create several teams from just one team if you get attached to a certain team.
Which brings me onto the teams, there’s no official teams in the game they all remind me of my sensible soccer days and playing as “delicatessen”, as you have teams named Overdogs, Wild Pigs and Sirloin to name a few.

I have found this game quite simple and laid back to play and the menu system adds to that as you will find that it is a simple click and go type of list menu. Everything’s there for you and there’s no messing about with fancy drops downs and millions of options.
Overall this is a good game, a bit limited on what you can do play wise and might get a bit boring after a while. However, it is good to just go back and forth for a quick game every now and then.

I’m going to give this a solid 78% from Joon.



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