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Texas Hold ‘Em comes to next gen consoles courtesy of Voofoo Studios and Ripstone the team that brought you Pure Pool. It’s what you would would expect from any...

Texas Hold ‘Em comes to next gen consoles courtesy of Voofoo Studios and Ripstone the team that brought you Pure Pool.


It’s what you would would expect from any online poker sim in that you play against either AI card sharks or actual people. The difference between the two (that I found) is that the AI players are more cagey and don’t tend to go ALL IN for every single hand which the ‘real’ people did pretty much every time I played against them.

For those new to Texas Hold ‘Em , there is a quite in depth tutorial that explains everything to do with the game. When you have gone through that (if you need to), you are then given a choice of game modes to try out your newly gained knowledge on. These include, play offline ( any chips earned are usable in all aspects of the game) and the online play where you pit your wits against the rest of the world.


In both online and offline you can join open tables of varying value ranging from the Jokers table where the stakes are lower and buy ins are affordable to all, right up to the Masters table . There are also tournaments to enter and there is the option to host your own table and invite your friends for a relaxing game.

Customisation is available in the form of different patterns for the table and different colours too, the chip sets are also changeable as well as the card decks. All customisation is available from the start so you’re not required to reach a certain level before you can jazz up your experience.


You can gift players with things such as fish ??? lucky clovers and adorable puppies, although I can see no reason for this feature other than gaining the achievement for gifting 10 times.

There is a daily high,low game available which will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has seen ‘Play Your Cards Right’ on the TV (ask your parents). You can earn credits for this which go into your pot for buying into the tables in the main game.


Graphically it’s a very polished game with a smooth interface and I found no trouble in picking it up.

The sounds are what you would expect from a card game, chips clicking, cards shuffling etc etc. There is a soundtrack that is changeable at the click of the right stick and it’s fairly unobtrusive in it’s mediocrity.

Now to the bane of recent games…..micro transactions are evident in Pure Hold ‘Em and you can spend as much or as little as you want on them. You don’t HAVE to use them to get on the higher stakes table but they are a fast track to the top.

In conclusion we have a Poker game that is fun to play, looks good and is a welcome change from smacking a big blue smurf over the head with a massive sword.  🙂

I give Pure Hold ‘Em a quite respectable 7/10 .


Review code kindly provided by publishers. Thank you.


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