Our 2014 Top 5 Games of the Year!

This feature is going to be split into 2 different sections. Basically, the 2 of us behind the team, will give you our Top 5 games of the Year...

This feature is going to be split into 2 different sections. Basically, the 2 of us behind the team, will give you our Top 5 games of the Year and let you know our reasons.

1. grandtheftautov GTA V
2. Forzahorizon2 Forza Horizon 2
4. MiddleEarthShadowofMordor Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
5. Titanfall Titanfall

These are my Top 5 games for 2014. The amount of games, and content out this year so far, it was hard to pick a top 5, or maybe position 2-4. After I played and finished GTA V again, I couldn’t argue that it was my favorite GTA game and it just felt right playing it on Xbox One.

Forza Horizon 2 was my choice for 2nd place. The game is the most stunning I have witnessed this year. The weather system, lighting, feel for driving etc was fantastic! I couldn’t fault anything with the game! I cannot wait to see what they do for Forza 6!

Not sure if this would of surprised people or not being in the Top 5 for the year. I had my apprehensions about this game before it was came out. It was being bigged up like other CoDs before it, and it looked amazing, but then again, so did Ghosts…. The wounds still hadn’t healed from how bad that game was for me. I didn’t enjoy playing Ghosts, and although I tried to enjoy it, i couldn’t. So my apprehension for this game was warranted, until I finally got hold of the game and played it, and I was blown away with what Sledgehammer have done for the franchise. Something as simple as Exo Skeletons had provided a new dynamic to the game, but it wasn’t all about the Exo Skeletons, its all down to the map designs and how player friendly they are. This is one thing I’ve always found imperative to FPSs.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is next up at number 4. Whenever i saw clips and stills from the game, this had me excited. I don’t have great knowledge of Middle Earth lore, but for this game, thats not needed. I think in the long run it helps, as you will understand where about’s in time in relation to The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings this game takes place. I love the fact that this game is freeflowing, open world and that there is plenty for you to do

Last but by no means least there is Titanfall. A genre defining game that added elements such as Titans. Huge robots which change the dynamics of any game in an instant. What more could you ask for? One thing I have a lot of love for when it comes to Titanfall, is all the updates and additions that they have made to the game. Which a lot of it may have Titanfall 2 in mind as well.

I would like to give an honorable mention to other games which didn’t make it into my Top 5.

– Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments
– Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
– Minecraft
– The Evil Within
– Far Cry 4
– Defense Grid 2
– Assassins Creed: Unity (Would have made top 5 is it wasnt for all the problems)
– Dragon Age: Inqusition (Haven’t played enough of the game yet.)
– Battlefield 4
– FIFA 15
– Destiny
– Halo: Master Chief Collection

1. Destiny Destiny
2. Titanfall Titanfall
3. Forzahorizon2 Forza Horizon 2
4. StickItToTheMan Stick It To The Man
5. BF4 Battlefield 4

Firstly I have to qualify my selections as the Top 5 games that I have played.

I realise that many people will disagree with my choice of Destiny for #1, but no other game since the early Call of Duty franchise (MW 1 and Blops specifically)  has kept me going back again and again. Yes I know it’s repetitive and yes I know it’s had it’s share of server issues BUT show me a game that isn’t repetitive !!!! Destiny keeps me going back because it’s like a comfy pair of shoes and I enjoy it immensely.

Titanfall has big robots you can control and they fire rockets and big guns. Do I need any other reason to put it in my top 5 ???

Forza Horizon 2 makes it in because it’s graphically stunning and really fun to play. With friends it’s better but you can  still have lots of fun going solo.

Stick It To The Man is an Indie title but deserves it’s place on my list due to the stunning originality it brought to the platform genre. Soundtrack, graphics, gameplay  and humour were all top notch and I enjoyed every second I had playing this game.

Battlefield 4 would have featured higher if it had been released in it’s current state. As it was the initial version of the game was fraught with MANY problems which made it unplayable at times. The single player campaign was brilliant BUT due to the progress not saving I had to play through the first level at least 15 times. In the end I gave up and just played it through in one sitting. Again it’s better with friends but still fun giving if you lone wolf it.

I have the games featured in my esteemed colleagues Top 5 but due to my inability to prise myself away from Destiny, I haven’t played any of them yet. Had I done so, my Top 5 may have been different. Halo would probably have made it but due to it been broken on release it was quickly discarded from consideration.

PvZ Garden Warfare gets a nod from me too, great game and LOTS of FREE DLC. Well done EA.


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