Nintendo NX and New Zelda Launch window announced.

Nintendo has officially announced that the NX and New Zelda will launch in March 2017. The next generation of #Nintendo is coming March 2017! #NX — Nintendo of...

Nintendo has officially announced that the NX and New Zelda will launch in March 2017.

There have been rumours that the NX would have made its debut this fall in time for the Festive and buying period for Christmas, but Nintendo has made the announcement to bring the NX to us in March 2017.

Whether this is a good idea or not to release at this time after Christmas is to be seen.

Nintendo also announced that the new Zelda will launch in 2017, they haven’t mentioned whether this will be a launch title, but only that it will be in 2017 and that it will also launch simultaneously on the Wii U. What other games will launch is still to be seen, but it’s nice to get this little piece of information.

The new Zelda will also be Nintendo’s focus for E3, so expect a lot of game play etc from their presentation as well as details on the NX.

Looks to be an exciting E3 coming up. We’ll have full coverage of the conferences as well as videos from the week! 


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