Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – What you should know

Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor releases next week (Oct 3rd) and there are a few things that you should get to know before heading into the game. The...

Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor releases next week (Oct 3rd) and there are a few things that you should get to know before heading into the game.

The game is vast and allows you to explore Middle Earth at your leisure. There are story missions that are marked on the in game map, there are also side missions which you can do in between, or just roam the world and see what it has to offer.

The combat within the game is varied and keeps you on your toes. Each enemy is different and will provide you with a different test, and each enemy will have different strengths and weaknesses. There will also be enemies that will be harder to beat, as throughout the game you will come across Sauron’s Captains.

There is plenty to offer in the combat system for Shadow of Mordor, however you also get to use Stealth and Magic tactics to try and outwit your enemy.

Throughout the game you will collect runes, these runes can then be etched into Talion’s (main character) Sword, Dagger or Bow, providing devastating effects in combat!

One thing to mention for the game is that when you’re “defeated” you will resurrect at the nearest Wraith Tower, even stronger than before! There is power in death people!

As stated above there are an abundance of Side Missions to go through, so even when you have completed the main story, there will still be alot of things to do and collect!

I am very excited by this game, and cant wait for it to be released next week! Will you be heading to Middle Earth to fight Orcs and whatever else is thrown at you?

Let us know in the comments below!


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