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Another Lego game is upon by Travellers Tales and this time we get the explore the cinematic world of the latest Star Wars film – The Force Awakens. The...

Another Lego game is upon by Travellers Tales and this time we get the explore the cinematic world of the latest Star Wars film – The Force Awakens.

The start of the game takes you through a little tutorial to show you how to play and the different mechanics that you will come across within the game, and the tutorial is taken from a previous Star Wars film- Episode 6.

The one reason is love the Lego games is the grandeur that they bring, and there lighthearted take and adaptation on films. This game is no different, the usual humour that you find within the Lego games is still there and even in the more serious scenes you still have that lighthearted approach while losing non of the atmosphere.

The usual suspects are there for collecting such as red bricks, gold bricks, characters and mini kits, and this is a game that will give you lots of replayability to play over and over to collect everything…. If that’s your bag, baby.


The mini builds within this game has been updated and I for one loved it. Before in previous games, you would have your builds and that was that, on your way. However, in The Force Awakens you can choose where you place the build, and using this can give you different paths through the level or it can help you get to a collectable. Once you have placed the mini build, don’t despair as you can destroy the build and place it again if you so wish. Impressive.

Battle blasters are a new addition to the game, where the camera will fall behind you while you are in cover to give you that more ground view to help with getting people. It’s kind of like how Gears of War is presented, but…. You know… Lego.

The game does follow The Force Awakens film story line by around 98/99%, however they have had to increase the 2 1/2 hour film into an 8/9 hour game. So there are some slight additions and expanded scenes but nothing that takes away from the gleam and the shine of the film…. or game.

I mentioned above that there are characters to unlock, and again we are treated to a fair few characters which are playable. 200+ to be correct, and you can expect the usual re skin of a few characters, but that’s all part of the fun. Each character does feel unique and made to feel that they have some usefulness within the game. Which is always nice to know that you’re useful for something…. Right??


Puzzles around the world are pretty standard to the Lego franchise and players of the games will see the that similarity, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s nice to make a connection and have some form of familiarity to the Lego world.

When I was playing through the worlds I did feel as though I was getting more Lego studs than usual compared to previous games, other than the last Marvel game which as rather awesome at giving studs in there massive open world. I don’t know if this has been done on purpose by TT Games to give the player a higher sense of reward when clearing the world and getting enough studs to buy things such as characters, or whether it is a sense of illusion that it just looks more, but really you’re getting the same as you always have. Interesting.

The graphics within the game are very sharp, obviously I don’t think you can comment much on realism because it’s a Lego game, but the colours are vivid, the lighting is spot on.

The audio within the game is brilliant as well, in previous games when they have take audio from the films, it had a tendency to be very tinny and kind of like a bad cinema recording. But they have cleared that up in the last few games and I love it now that they have the official sounds and voices within the game, it bring another dimension to them instead of the miming ones.

I think the only criticism that I have of this game is how linear it is. Compared to the previous Marvel game that had a fantastic open world, it was a little disappointing that this was so linear to play.

Overall, this is another fantastic Lego Game and I cannot fault it at all really. It has that appeal to fans of the Lego Games, even if you’re not into Star Wars, also its got that appeal to kids and big kids.

If you are a fan of the Star Wars series, I would highly recommend that you buy this game as I think you will enjoy it immensely.

I’m going to give this 9/10


Copy reviewed on PS4 and provided by WBIE

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