Homefront: The Revolution To Get Performance Boost in August.

Homefront: The Revolution is due for a performance boost in August and Dambuster Studio has announced that this will come in the shape of update 2.0.

The game has been littered with problems since it’s launch but the studio has been working on getting these fixes with several patches being released already. The most recent console update adding around an extra 5fps. We haven’t tested the performance on the latest update yet, but anything significant we will report on the review for you.

The studio has released a statement which you can read below.

“Since the launch of Homefront: The Revolution we have released multiple patches and updates, mainly focusing on critical issues and the ‘save stall’ issue on console, but we have also achieved some performance improvements as this recent analysis by Digital Foundry shows.”
“Nonetheless, we are continuing to work on performance, and this is the primary focus for our next major update, 2.0, which is currently scheduled for August. This will introduce further significant improvements to frame rate, as well as additional bug fixes and reduction of save stalls down to a minimum.”



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