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Divinity:Original Sin…….let me start by saying that I have never been a fan of turn based combat RPG. I have neither the patience nor the inclination to plough hours...

Divinity:Original Sin…….let me start by saying that I have never been a fan of turn based combat RPG. I have neither the patience nor the inclination to plough hours and hours into a game that is not my normal type.

This review is based upon a short amount of play time.

Graphically it’s very polished and pretty to look at, the customisation available for your chosen hero is plentiful and varied.

Starting the game you are led through various tutorials (these can be disabled if you’re familiar with RPG controls) and these are very helpful if, like me, you’re new to this genre of games. I managed to examine, open and loot various crates, vases and bone piles whereupon I discovered a range of things which I’m sure would be helpful along the way. Things found included…gold, spells, grenades, potions and scrolls. The presentation of the inventory is nice, however it can get a bit laborious just to try and pick things up which is a bit of a pain.


After 5 minutes of aimless wandering and searching I was met with my first fight…………… now things will get interesting I thought to myself 🙂 Nope, they didn’t. The tutorial told me to select a target and attack, I did this and then had to wait for them to attack me back before I could attack them again (yes I know, turn-based blah blah blah). I hate turn-based stuff, I have a big sword…let me hit them with it and keep hitting them until they’re a pile of pixels, I just don’t get it.

After emerging victorious from the battle I was confronted with a stone door that led into a dungeon where the tutorial continued. Almost an hour later I was still in the dungeon, I’m sure there was a way out if I felt like looking at and opening the plethora of crates and vases and chests that were down there……but I didn’t.

The game just didn’t grab me and although many other reviewers are scoring it very highly I can’t follow suit and do that.

The game does feel good on console though, its not too confusing to get used to the controls, and the game does feel natural to play, however it does feel a little slower to get through and the grind does feel a bit real with this! Characters movements using the controller instead of a more conventional method of mouse and keyboard feel nice and smooth and easy on the fingers, and doesn’t make you want to smash your controller on the floor.

There is a Diablo feel to the game, and not just from the top down element, but mainly from the feel and style of the game. There is split screen in the game, and 2 people can share the one screen, and when one person gets too far away it will split away so you can both see what you’re doing, which is nice and helps when someone is needing of assistance in the world.


It’s probably a fantastic game if you’re into this sort of thing, I’m clearly not. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve just got to go and watch some grass grow……..then when it’s grown it’ll be my turn. 😉

There’s are lots of things that I haven’t been able to accomplish as this is a massive game and to have only a few days to do it, it would be impossible to do everything, so I have played as much as I can and hope that this review brings you enough of a view of what the game would be like.

If you’re a fan of Turn Based RPG’s and want to put hours and hours into this, then this is a good game for you and I would recommend it, if you not, well…. Don’t buy the game lol! 😀

I’m going to give this a fair 3/5. Its a good game but not my cup of tea I’m afraid.

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