Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review This is a game that I’ve been waiting for since it was announced. I never played it on the 360 when it was...

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review

This is a game that I’ve been waiting for since it was announced. I never played it on the 360 when it was released, so I was very happy to learn it was coming to Xbox One.

I managed to play the demo on Xbox 360 and was very impressed with the game, which is where my excitement for the Xbox One version came from. The game felt right to play, I enjoyed controlling the characters, I just hoped that the Xbox One version was just as good. Well I finally got my copy, installed it and got playing. Was it as good as I remembered from the 360 demo? Let’s find out…..

The game is a top down RPG, while this is new to Joon, it felt good to view and get to grips with. One thing that did excite me with this was the open world nature of the game, you can roam where ever you like and do various other little bits around the world in between each main mission. Tick for Joon.

The battle system within the game is simple and easy to get to grips with. Its simply pressing A,B,X,Y or RT to fight your enemies, with each button doing something different, making it easy to mix things up during fights.

There are several classes for you to pick from, these are:

Demon Hunter
Witch Doctor

I chose to be a Wizard, pretty standard when I play these type of games, love the magic side of things, but other classes do interest me, such as the demon hunter, and the game rewards you for having several characters and trying out the different classes that are available! So no doubt I’ll try my hand with the demon hunter, and maybe the others too, just to see what the main differences are.

There aren’t a lot of choice when it comes to allowing you to choose how your character looks, you can choose their class and gender and that’s about it, which for me was quite disappointing. However within the game you collect loads and loads of little goodies, such as weapons, clothing etc, which you can use to customise what your character wears and make them unique to you. Which is another thing that is brilliant about this game, no two characters will be the same, even co-oping with your friends, and if two of you are Wizards, its more than likely the weapons and clothing you will have on will be completely different!

The game plays brilliant using the controller, and you can tell that Blizzard have taken their time over this to get it spot on. You can tell this isn’t just some rushed port over, they have cared and caressed this until it was perfect.

The worlds  which you play in are vast, vast beautiful and well laid out. I love the element of Destructibility that they have in the game as well. Being able to zap bookcases, pillars, benches, stair railing and much more brings that bit of joy to the inner Child Joon.

In conclusion I absolutely love this game, I can see me dabbling with this game for a long time to come! Its been fantastically ported over by Blizzard and I dip my Joon cap to them!


I love games, both video and table top. It's what I spend the majority of my free time doing. I love writing and mixing that with my gaming brings this website! I love reviewing games, I love the fact that I get to play games that most of the times I wouldn't have considered playing.
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  • Matt (GXP Blog)
    27 August 2014 at 10:57 am
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    I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this game to play online with you and LizardKingLXXXI. The Xbox 360 version was awesome and I put a lot of hours into it!

    • superjoon
      29 August 2014 at 10:28 am
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      I love this game, i havent played it before, so this is all new to me! But i am absolutely loving it! Definitely a Joon Game!

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