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Decided i would do a little write up for the Destiny Beta just to give my thoughts on it. This isn’t a review, i will do the full review when the game is released.

My first thoughts on the game are that it is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. With it being a Beta options are quite limited in what you can do. There are missions that you can play, and also when you get to Level 5 you unlock the crucible. Where you can compete in a game mode called ‘Control’. Which for those who play Call of Duty, Battlefield etc will know it as Domination. There will be other game modes in the final game, but for the beta this is it. There are also 2 maps available to play. Venus and Moon maps. Again both visually stunning, but i do feel there are some guns in the game that are just OP’d. I seem to take ages killing someone, where as when someone is shooting at me im dead in 2 shots. Maybe theres some balancing issues that need to be worked out before release, but this is what these betas are here for.

This game didn’t appeal to me before i played the Beta, i felt it was going to be hyped up too much and just let down. From playing the beta, i don’t see that being the case. The graphics live up to the hype and we’re not even at full 1080p yet (Beta is running in 900p at the moment). The game does feel smooth to play and i just hope that doesn’t change with full release.

If you are still undecided as to whether or not to get this game, and can get hold of a beta key, then i would highly recommend you give it a try. From the couple of hours i’ve had to play with it, it has changed my mind on it, and i for one can’t wait for the release!

For me its so far so good, and i can’t wait now for the full release! Let me know what you all thought of the Beta in the comments below!