DC Universe Online Coming to Xbox One.

DC Universe Online is coming to Xbox One this spring! Yay! But it was also announced that if you wanted to bring your character with you from say PS4… That’s a no go! Booo.

Its wasn’t all doom though, as it was also announced that PS4 players will soon be able to play cross platform with PC players.

Are you Xbox players getting excited to play this? Im looking forward to giving it a try and seeing what its like! I love my DC and Marvel worlds, so this is right up my alley! 😀

The new Legends of Tomorrow episode for the game was also discussed, and this ties in with The Flash and (Green) Arrow, which is a TV spinoff of the same name. It will introduce Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold and Heatwave to the game in its usual comic style.



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