The Bunker to Hit Xbox One and PS4

The Bunker – A live action action survival horror is going to be coming to Xbox One and PS4 (As well as PC and Mobile). The game centres around a John, a boy who was born in the bunker, and the only thing which keeps his sanity in tact is the daily routine which he carries out every day.

One day though an alarm goes off that John has never heard before. John’s only instinct is to go and investigate what has happened and why this alarm is going off.


Games like these make there success based on there narrative, basically because there are no combat sequences and you have nothing to fight with, the way the story is told and plays through and how it makes you as a player feel is what will determine it’s success. It’s kind of like games such as Layers of Fear, Everybody’s gone to the rapture and to some extent Outlast.

You can see the teaser for the game below.



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