Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

From what had been shown in trailers, this looked like a solid story based puzzler, however upon playing it my overall thoughts on the game had changed slightly.

I found the game to be very slow paced and it felt like it took me ages to move around the areas or do anything. Movement can be quite clunky when jumping onto ledges, which can stifle movement and any flow you manage to get.

The worlds and areas that you visit in the game are vast and wonderful to look at, however there are elements that look rather flat which I found to be the grassy areas as well as some of the leaved bushes. The bushes look as though they have used the same design over and over and tried to layer the bushes to give it some thickness but the whole bush still looks quite flat and that’s the same throughout the game.

Brothers a Tale of Two Sons (2)

There are little side missions within the game to go alongside the main story as you pass through each different area where you can help people and from looking at the achievement list, most of these account for the side missions, which might be annoying if you miss one.

The music within the game is beautiful and sets a wonderful tone for the areas you are in and the kind of situation you are facing and the music is a credit to the game. I’m going to add another however to this though as I feel the lack of dialect in the game hinders the progress as sometimes it’s hard to understand what you have to do when all the characters are doing are pointing and shouting in some indistinguishable dialect.

The controls for the game are a little annoying and took me a while to get used too, having 2 characters to control, one for each stick can get rather confusing, especially when they end up switching places and your characters are all over the place as there on the wrong side of the screen. My brain couldn’t comprehend them being on the opposite side to the stick on the controller I was using them for haha!

Brothers a Tale of Two Sons (3)

Another thing with the controls as well, it can be confusing when the camera angle suddenly changes, as this can cause confusion when controlling the characters.

I found the game to be quite linear and laid back, as it was easy to figure out the puzzles and I didn’t find it too hard to figure out what to do or where to go next. Which is quite something for me as it usually takes me quite a while to figure these things out.

I think this is good though as it means it can be a good game for the casual gamer to sit back and play. One suggestion I can make though, if you do end up getting stuck and not knowing what you are doing, then I found that just walking around holding the triggers you still stumble upon something eventually that you need to pick up etc.

Brothers a Tale of Two Sons

The game did crash on me a few times in which I only lost a few minutes of gameplay, so it wasn’t too bad, but it’s never good when a game crashes full stop.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad game, but I found the lack of dialect rather off putting as I really didn’t understand what was going on with the story and what they were looking for, for there ill father. (I’m guessing it was there ill father anyway.)

It’s OK for one run through and the game has some really easy achievements for high points, but it’s not a game I would go back and play again unfortunately.

I’m going to give this game 7.0 out of 10.



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