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Symphony of the Machine – PSVR Review

Symphony of the Machine is a PSVR title that starts with little fanfare. You’re placed into the world completely devoid of life and what seems like a deserted world with very little going for it. You begin your journey at the end of a trench and, in the near distance, …

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Fated – PSVR Review

Fated: The Silent Oath, is a first person VR experience set in the mythical world of Vikings where you play a family man called Ulfer trying to survive and protect his family during the times of Ragnarok, an event the Vikings believed was the start of the end of the …

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Halo Wars 2 – Review

The Real Time Strategy genre has always been under represented on the console space. Sure we’ve had the odd title that attempts to dip its toe in the water and attempt to make the genre work on a system who’s primary control scheme isn’t a mouse and keyboard. But very …

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